Adore Floors

Adore Floors imageFor over a generation, Adore has manufactured exceptional Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) flooring like Decoria, Adore Touch and Adore Style that supersede other flooring in performance, design and value.

All the floors are engineered to withstand pressures up to 1,500 p.s.i. while maintaining flexibility and dimensional stability. In the wear layers, exceptional features such as antimicrobial NanoSilver™ and wear-resistant MicroCeramic™ beads add strength, increase functionality, enhance the appearance and extend life expectancy.

The designs work in three dimensions, texturing the wear layer to add another element to the true-to-life appearance of our flooring lines. Premium visuals include:

  • fine-grained wood
  • standard wood
  • tile
  • marble
  • handscraped wood
  • other patterns

As one of the flooring industry’s earliest advocates of the green movement, Adore’s products have always been made from high-quality recycled material that, through innovative manufacturing processes, can outperform virgin vinyl. Click here to see the ranges on line